Azi Jankovic

Entrepreneur. Educator. Advocate.


After spending 15+ years as an educator in Southern California, Azi pursued a lifelong dream of moving to Israel in 2015.

Since, she has led educational programming for thousands of people online and in person, produced a top ranked podcast, and guided entrepreneurs with content creation and marketing.

Post October 7th, 2023, Azi co-founded HumanityPOV, furthering the public relations impact of leaders and educators committed to coexistence and combatting terror.

Dr. Azi holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Southern California, with a speciality in empowering educators within multi-cultural societies.

Based in Israel, Azi co-produces video content and facilitates initiatives to support organizations and individuals committed to making a positive change in the region.

Dr. Azi is a voice for Israel, mental health, and hope for a peaceful future.


The Inspired by Purpose Podcast.

Dr. Azi's top-ranked podcast features actionable guidance from entrepreneurs and thought leaders on living and working inspired by purpose.

“Dr. Azi is a deep thinker, and a beautiful soul with a passion for life! ”

Feature Review

Dr. Edith Eva Eger (Renowned Psychologist, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Holocaust Survivor)

<span>The Inspired by Purpose Podcast.</span>

Speaking & Workshops

Dr. Azi's corporate workshops and speeches designed to engage and inspire participants. In the business and mental health spaces, she weaves together cutting edge research, the power of personal story, and active learning experiences to spark meaningful conversations and lasting impact.

“I respect and admire Dr. Azi Jankovic so much. Her talk at our last conference was very moving; anyone who has the privilege of hearing Dr. Azi speak has a lot to gain.”

Feature Review

Tanya Prochko, M,Ed., MFT (Founder and Executive Director of Get Help Israel)

<span>Speaking & Workshops</span>

Business and Marketing Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Organizations

Dr. Azi and her team craft strategic business and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses in the start-up and growth stages.

“I've been working with Azi for a year. My business has grown, and it's taken on a shape that's more aligned with what I want for it. 100% - Azi is great at holding hands and guiding you through the process: the video production, business and marketing components, clearing up your thoughts, and being a really good cheerleader!!!”

Feature Review

Nomi Spain-Levy, CNS, MS, NBC-HWC (Business, Marketing, and Video Production Client)

Beyond All Things: The Book

Dr. Azi's book, "Beyond All Things: Fifty Insights to Awaken Joy, Purpose, and Spiritual Connection," blends timeless wisdom and timely research in an experience that is more than a book. It is a spiritual journey of reclaiming the joy, purpose, and connection that are available to each one of us in any moment.

“ This book is written in a way that can reach everyone… and really improve people’s lives for the better. ”

Feature Review

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz

<span>Beyond All Things: The Book</span>

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